I'm fucked! I have a gig tonight!!

I'm nervous. Fuck. A couple weeks ago I performed at a house party and it went really well. Some of my new fans from my trivia night wanted to see me perform so they put together a house party and offered me $150 to do 15 minutes. I really have never done over ten minutes. I dreaded bombing that night but it turned out great. I got an encore after 20 minutes and did a total of almost a half hour. They even paid me $205!

Now some girl heard that I performed at that party and she decided to hire me for her birthday party. My new manager told her $200 and she said,"For $200 can he perform for at least a half hour?"

My manager said,"Okay."

Tonight is the night. Fuck. I'm nervous. I just ate pancakes, a cinniman roll, and ice cream for breakfast. Not sure if that was a good idea.

I'm gonna bring my guitar. Oh fuck. It's a cocktail party, I'm gonna wear a suit. Can I be funny in a suit?

I'll report back tomorrow.