We live in the garden

The paradox is my journey
This is what I seek
When I find the paradox I have arrived
My arrival leads to new journeys
This search is why I'm a stoner at heart
A man who can take a trip and see the world as something magical
Stoney is not the talk of the world
Openness is not the attitude of the man who who already knows
The man who is right is the man who has ended his journey
When you end your journey things turn dark
Darkness creeps out in strange ways
The man who knows pays no attention to the signs
I want to experience freedom
I can't stand these bars anymore and the only way I can make them disappear is through the eyes of perception
I traveled into the hills and I found the garden one day but I was too young
I was asked to leave
As I left I saw a beautiful dear with huge antlers
It stared at me
I was frightened
Finally it ran away and I walked by into the land youthful blindness
I'm a journey
I'm going deep this time
It's universe has no bounds
The garden was torn down by the money man and homes were built
We live in the garden
I just need to awake to my curiosity