I choose...

So far down the rabbit hole I don't know which way is up
I'm drifting...coasting...meandering...dozing off...I'm up....am I up?...I'm dreaming again
How long until I let go completely.  Is that where this started?  Can you let go too much?
I'm falling.  I think...I really don't know anymore.  I don't know good from bad right now.
All I see is life.  Birth....death....life
What is the cause?
What is the purpose?
There's not one.
Unless I say there is.
And I say there is nothing.
And there is nothing.
Maybe I need to say something?
So much thought with nothing to say.
So much talk with nothing that means anything to me.
It's my choice and I've chosen to make no choice and now Rush is telling me that I have still made a choice.
I choose...