What happened to Duke?

Hi guys, it's your old friend Duke Fightmaster here.  You might be wondering, where the hell has my best friend Duke been?  Well the truth is I haven't exactly been winning at life lately, at least not in the recent past or not so recent or ever.  I think it was woodrow wilson who said success is a man who is willing to be optimistic through failure after failure.  I'm getting pretty good at the failure after failure part, now it's time to add in just a little bit of that optimism.  "You're a winner Duke you can do this." Alright I have a positive attitude I guess I'm back on top.

There was a day in my life when I wanted to be a talk show host, I was gonna replace
Conan O'brien.  Turns out it's not as easy to replace Conan O'brien as it sounds.  I'm sad to report that my talk show, along with that dream, have died, they're dead, they've been killed.  A little bit of me has died along with it.  All because of one man, Jimmy Fallon.  I declare Jimmy Fallen my mortal enemy, mark my words I will never forgive you Jimmy, ever.

Almost three years of my life I devoted everything to my talk show, I had a dream, I had a passion, I followed that passion and put that dream into the universe and the universe said to me "No I don't think so, God doesn't really like you, and neither does anyone else, now get out of here and die, alone."  If you're interested in hearing more the popular NPR radio show This American Life,  hosted by Ira glass did a 20 minute feature on my story chronically the whole journey from beginning to end.  This American Life loves to do stories on people who have ridiculous ideas, people who follow these ideas even though all the visible evidence says "this is a bad idea", people who are basically a little off and it just so happens that they felt I was one of those people, so congratulations to me, I am crazy.  You can hear that story at Dukefightmaster.com, I posted the link there, I'm very proud of it.

So what have I been doing for the last year and a half?  Well besides walking the streets looking for change, I've been doing stand up comedy.  I've been putting an act together.