It's good to have a hero

I think it's important to have a hero.  Someone you look up to, who you respect.  I have a problem respecting people, I guess I'm one of those guys that looks at the flaws and let's them take over my perception of people.  The more I get to know someone the better chance I have at finding and exposing their weaknesses.  What kind of fucked up personality trait is that?  I have problems.

I respect successful people who have followed and listened to their heart.  My heroes today are comics.  Louis CK is greatness.  Their is true greatness happening right now and I get to be around to see it.  It's Louis CK.  This is a guy, with many faults, who has turned those faults around and created something uniquely special.  I look to Louis for honesty and work ethic.

I guess it helps if you don't know the hero you respect.  I'm sure if I was hanging out with Louis I would think he was an asshole.  I would probably start wearing blinders and wouldn't be able to see him for his creative spirit anymore.  I'd probably just see some selfish jerk who eats a lot and doesn't return phone calls.  But the good news is I don't know him so I think he's really cool.

I look to Louis CK for personal growth.  He reminds me to look within myself and trust my instincts.  He encourages me to follow my own path.  He's my hero.  I'm an aspiring comic and filmmaker and I want to be like Louis, I want to make a living performing and making movies that I wrote, starred in and directed myself.  Thanks for clearing the path Louis.