Choose something to beleive in

I thought the pill would work
No, scratch that
I believed in the pill
I believed it to the core of my being
I knew for a fact that the pill would work
So I took it
And guess what?
It did
It worked like a fucking charm
I got high
I got connected
I became part of the orderly direction of the universe
In fact the universe began to rearrange itself for me

One day I stopped taking the pill
I learned that it wasn't really working
That's what someone told me and I believed them
Fuck that pill
The universe took a look at me and said, "Fuck you!"
I was fucked
Everything went to shit

I wanted my universe back
I took the pill
I didn't believe it would work
And it didn't
The universe was still fucking me
I wasn't on the beam

Brainwashing group think bullshit worked for me
Then I didn't want to be a zombie
This is my thinking
I wanted to be me
The pill stopped working

Choose something to believe in
Put it in a pill
Swallow the pill