Where am I going?

Sometimes the stars do align
Sometimes you hit a sweet spot
Sometimes all in the world is right
Sometimes, for a brief moment, you can be king
Tonight was this moment for me.
I thought I was going to drive off a cliff
But I turned the crowd around instantly and had them eating out of my hand
Some things you can't fake
The guy before me knows this too well
The belly laughs were not the phantom laughs sometimes heard by open mic-ers
I've heard those before and tonight they were real.
As long as you're not counting the mean looking lady in the corner of the room
She didn't crack a smile
She abhorred me, I could sense this
I have this affect on certain types of people
I have a quality in me that can turn a completely, seemingly composed man into a basket case
The teacher in high school went home in tears
I can lead
But like Matt Dillon's older bother in Rumblefish told him
"If you're going to lead you need some place to go."
Where am I going?  This has become my question.