I wish I knew what to do

I wanted you so bad
I didn't know how to go about it
Then I learned how
I was taught
Or maybe I read a book
Then I used the knowledge
I got you
It was good
Then I let you go
I was just ok then
Next I wanted her
Did the same thing
Got her
Let her go
Then I was just ok
At this point I wanted you back
I knew what to do
I remembered everything from the book
But I didn't want to do it
It was too much work
I didn't get you
Then I got depressed
I used to wish I knew what to do
Then I learned
Now I know and don't want to do it
Now I want another
I wish I knew what to do
I swear I would do it
And then I'll get it
And then I'll let it go
Then I'll be just ok
Then I'll want it back
But I won't want to do what it is I have to do
Repeat cycle

I do really wish I knew for this new thing