Wake me up gently

I'm tired as fuck
I cleaned my home this morning and tonight it's trashed
A week ago my 7 year old burned his hand on the curling iron
Today my 4 year old wanted to see what it felt like
He found out
A lot of crying
He likes ice now
In the last month I've spent over 30 hours watching rescue me
In the last couple days I watched season three of breaking Bad
My head isn't screwed on straight
I'm tired
I procrastinated all day on my writing
And my yoga
But I had time for two episodes of season 4 Breaking Bad and two episodes of rescue me
And I had time for a bunch of candy, ice cream and cookies
A lot of time
How does one screw their head on straight?
I'm broke
I don't have a job
Because I'm not a pussy
All I have is something that I'm running from
Or maybe I'm running towards it
It's alluding me
The stick and the carrot
They keep appearing and dissapearing
Wake me up...please

...But do it gently