My head is not good

I get these headaches
They're terrible
I felt fine yesterday
I did a comedy set at a bar last night
When I got off stage my head felt like it was going to explode
It felt like my brain was swollen and my skull was getting crushed
I couldn't sleep
I tried but my two boys have taken my place in the bed
I'm uncomfortable
I'm in pain
I'm not right
I go downstairs and just pace
Back and forth
I lay on the couch
I try to pinch my hand to see if that makes the pain in my head go away
It doesn't

I watch a movie about a guy who want's to follow his dream
And a girl who wants him to give it up
He chooses his dream
I finally get a couple hours of sleep on the couch
My wife wakes me and makes me tea

Life is confusing
And painful
And funny
And beautiful