The circles of nowhere

I'm running
Slow at first
But I'm in movement
Sometimes it's good to move
Sometimes it's good to rest
I lay on the couch a lot in the attempt to relax
But all I really do is stress out about what I'm not doing
Then I start doing
I don't stop
I go
And go
Sometimes in circles
Then people get mad so I stop
Then I stress for not moving
So eventually I start up again
Repeat the steps and then people get mad
So I stop
Again and again

These circles don't lead anywhere
I keep ending up where I started
What if we were in a fish bowl?
I feel that way
I can't change
No one can change
Unless their told
Or more likely forced

I get forced to leave my circle sometimes
Now I'm floating in space
The circle was grounding
I might have hated myself but at least I knew who I hated
I don't know anything now