The thing

Have you ever suddenly woke up because you were afraid you were leaving your body?
I have
A few times
Today it happened
I think I'm done
with what I don't know
If I knew that I'd tell you
But I think I'm done
Definitely done with something
What is it that I'm done with?
The thing that makes me feel so bad
I want to be done
I quit
Just tell me what that thing is
Then I quit for sure
But then the new thing comes
You know the new thing, right?
The new thing that makes you feel bad
There's always a new thing
There's never not a thing
I wish there was not a thing
But that's the messed up thing
There's always a thing
Quit one thing and up pops the next thing
If it's not one thing it's another
And that's life
Can you live by the rule's of life?
The rule that says there will always be a thing.
So if you try to remove the thing it gets bigger
If you leave the thing a new one comes
Are you supposed to accept the thing
I hate the thing
It makes me feel terrible
How can I accept it?
This is life