Me writing

This is me writing my comedy set. My goal this year is to have 45 minutes. I'm not sure what's more likely to happen first; me getting a 45 minute comedy act or me getting my car repossessed (I'm ignoring a call from Toyota as I write this).

My writing right now is consisting mostly of me staring at this page that supposedly has my comedy set list. Mostly I'm just staring at this page. Then I started blogging about staring at this page. Then I took a picture of this page and then I took a picture of me looking at this page.

This is how well it's going.

I would like to perform this entire set soon. I think I'm going to book a gig in a few months where it's just me performing. Now I'm thinking out loud. Fuck that would make it real if I book a gig.

I guess a venue is next and then comes the stress to put together the act.