IA part IV

It's fucking late right now and I don't want to write. At least I'm writing that I don't want to write.

Some guy that I met when I lived in Santa Cruz, the land of the liberal and politically correct, named Damon was with us this night. This guy was the only republican in Santa Cruz. He wanted to be a politician.

We talked him into driving us.

The van is packed with equipment. Evan is in the very back literally trapped between PA speakers. I'm sitting shotgun, Damon's driving and Al is in the first back seat.

David D is in a car behind us. It's weird that I don't remember David D in this story at all until this part.

The van runs out of gas on some desolate windy road. Dave's car pulls up from behind to see what the problem is and offers to go get gas.

We're waiting.

I'm fucked up.

I open up the passenger door of the van to take a piss and fall straight into the brush on the side of the road. I stand up and take a piss.

Dave comes back with the gas can. Damon puts the gas in the tank. The car still won't work.

David D is pissed. He says to Damon,"Did you even get it in the gas tank?"

"Yes I definitely got it in the gas tank. The problem isn't gas," Damon replied.

David looks where the tank is and sees gas all over the ground. David wants to kick Damon's ass.

David goes once again to get gas and comes back to fill it up himself.

The car works.

(when I fell out of the car I fell all over poison oak. It got all over my body and then on my dick.)

What happens next is the kicker, stay tuned.