IA saga part III

I really didn't want to write today. But fuck it. I ate a bunch of junk food and ice cream and it's still morning. OK this really has nothing to do with the story.

Where did we leave off? I had found musicians to play drums and bass for Innocent Addicts. We traveled to St Mary's, took off our shirts, and put vests on. Evan cold called a bar and told them that we were going to come over with 200 people and a band.

Dan T was nervous. Moraga is a small town and the school was even smaller. He reluctantly came to the bar with us.

It's a dive bar. There's maybe 4 regulars sitting at the bar. We come in with 12 people and start loading equipment. Evan is wasted, and the rest of us are right behind him.

The band is ready to go.

I have the money from the stranger Frat gig from the night before. I notice Dan T is nervous in the corner.

I walk up to Dan T, "Hey Dan, what do you say you let me buy you a drink?" Dan puts a smile on his face and I put my arm around his shoulder. We walk up to the bar and I say, "Bartender, get me and my friend the cheapest shot of whiskey you got!."

Dan's smile faded quickly as his thoughts of a Samuel Adams disappeared. I took the shot and grabbed my guitar.

We kicked off the set with our first hit called "Bitchen". I start playing guitar with my teeth. Now I'm playing guitar on my back. Now I'm dancing on my back during the drum solo.

Next song..."Electronic dance floor". This is our rap slash dance song.

Next song is a cover by four non blondes, "What's going on."

Next song electronic dance floor again.

Next two songs: "What's going on." followed by a faster version of Electronic dance floor, and then for our closer "What's going on."

A local from the bar says he like's that song. At this point the drums have completely fallen apart. They moved about ten feet during the show.

I walk up to the bar and say, "Give everyone in this bar the cheapest shot of whiskey you've got!" After a couple more shots I say, "I'm going to throw up." as I'm about to throw up on the bar the bar tender carries me outside. I puke in the bushes.

The band equipment gets shoved into the van. The packing of the equipment wasn't done properly and when someone tries to force the door of my van shut, the entire door falls off onto the ground.

I say, "It looks like we won't be using that door anymore."

Somehow we get the door back on.

What happens next is the best part, but you will have to wait for part four to hear it.