The party starts when the worrying stops

The party starts when the worrying stops.

This is my saying. This is the saying that was invented for me. Me personally. Kind of like your mantra only I'm allowed to tell people. I think I'm allowed to tell people. Now that I think of it maybe I shouldn't be telling people. Maybe I should keep it to myself . Maybe if you keep it to yourself it makes it bigger.

OK am I having a mini revelation right now? Did I just learn something new about how the universe works? About how a human operates? I know this, if you keep a secret it gets way bigger in your mind. It consumes you. It becomes bigger than life and then it becomes life. This is the power of something you hold in. But what if you hold something good in? You don't share it with anyone. You tell yourself, or maybe you challenge yourself not to share this with anyone. Does that secret grow? Does it get bigger and all consuming?

The party starts when the worrying stops. I love to party. I'm built to stress. I think that when you drink your worries disappear and we all know that alcohol is what lubricates the party.

Some people believe that worry causes cancer. I think the cancer is deeper than that and starts with not looking within yourself for a desire. I heard once that desire means of the father. What if your desire is a higher calling? If you avoid this calling then God gets a whale to swallow you whole until you say, "OK God, fuck it. I'll go with you on this one."

Maybe your desire is to make a certain kind of porn that no one has heard of. If that's what God wants then that's what God wants. Remember that he's the original inventor of the vagina. Whoever invented the vagina cant be bad in my book.

If you are running from God you are going to be stressing out, If you are stressing out you won't be partying. Unless you're drunk. Unfortunately alcohol doesn't work forever.

Look within. Find the true desire. Follow it. When you do what you know in your heart what you should be doing then you avoid stress. When you avoid stress you avoid cancer.

Don't get cancer just party!