I'm so happy you failed!

Am I completely wrong when I sense that my friends and people around me are happy when I fail? Am I happy when other people fail? I think when I'm not doing what I want to be doing I am happy when other people fail. There's something so funny about seeing another person go down.

The reporter repeatedly asked me how old I was in an attempt to make me look foolish. I mean how old are you? And you still believe in fantasy?

I'm stuck. Grandma is coming over to babysit, I'm taking Lesley out to celebrate 16 years and I smell. I'm trying to get done my daily stuff before I embark on my nighttime journey.

I need to write and do yoga. Two things. This is one. Look at the failure type.

Strange blog. It doesn't make sense and neither do I.

People laughed last night and I was almost caught off guard. People, strangers, a group, laughed when I was on stage and it felt good!