A sliver of success please?

Woody Allen says that he's just a lucky guy. He was born with a good sense of humor. He could write jokes. It came easy to him. He started writing jokes at age 16 and immediately people wanted to buy them. It's luck. Still he's a pessimist at heart. He's a lucky pessimist.

I don't think anything comes easy to me. Certainly nothing that I do naturally do people want to immediately buy. If I look at my life in that respect then the facts probably say I'm unlucky. (This is not including my family that seems to have come into my life fairly easily).

When it comes to finance, and let's all admit that finance is all that really matters, I'm not a lucky person. I remain optimistic though.

I seem to get close to success sometimes. I can taste it. That's where the optimism comes into play. Because I've had times in my life when I almost touched success it became believable to me that I could attain it. I keep the optimism but the failures get me down.

You've got to fail to win. It makes the wins taste that much better. This is the kind of thing you have to tell yourself. Each failure is a step closer to the win right?

Each no is closer to a yes. I guess.