Run baby run

Why did I choose run from your problems? I don't know. I talked about running from your desires last blog. You run and god fucks you. Don't fuck with God! My friend has that poster hanging on the wall of his kitchen and God is pissed.

I don't want to piss off God. What are my problems? Sometimes you've got to see what your problems are to see if you're running from them. Maybe you have to look down to see if your feet are moving fast to realize if you're running. How do you know if your feet are moving fast? I know for me. If I'm watching tv on the couch and my stomache is stressing. I like to ignore my life with tv. If I'm listening to podcasts and my stomache is stressing. Maybe it's just my gut that tells me if I'm running.

Masturbation is the big one. When I have something to do then all I can think about I masturbation.

Internet surfing also. I have to click that story on yahoo and then it sucks me down the drain of procrastination.

Ok I know the answer to this one and it's pretty simple. We procrastinate because we're scared to think. We have a big idea that we know we should be doing. The poblems is you can't just sit down and do a big idea, you've got to break it down into small steps and figure out the next thing to do. Break it down. Then you'll know. Do somerhing underwhelming. It starts with the ripple that turns into a tidal wave.

Don't run from your problems, surf them.