Music and creation

Today is day 66. I like doing things where I count days; it makes me feel like I'm on a journey. I like being on a journey; it gives mehe feeling that my life is engaged in some type of motion. In order to be on a journey you need to have a destination. A journey without a destination is aimless wandering in the desert. Hopefully I'm out of the desert an into the journey. My journey: yoga and writing. Today is day 66 of writing everyday and practicing yoga at home everyday. My destination? The realm of creation.

What writer doesn't want to reside in the realm of creation? I know it exists too; I've seen it, in another life. My life seems to be a series of worlds that I happen to stumble into. When I was in 4th grade I thought o would be cool to play the saxophone. This entry into the world of music was also my first yep into the realm of procrastination. Nothing invites procrastination quite like the aspiration to become musically proficient at an instrument. This quality ofnprocrastination has haunted me for all the years preceeding my first involvment with music. Procrastination is the enemy of the artist. The enemy of the writer and the enemy of the yogi.

Skating on the thin ice of the elementary school band introduced me to the world beyond the one I saw with my eyes. There were moments I became transformed. I left what I knew and visited a world of beauty. Art brings us what is beautiful. If we are in hell then art and music has the ability to give us a glimpse of heaven. Why not spend your time transforming hell into heaven?

The artit creates the most beautiful works when they leave this world and tap into another. When you can, as Jim Morrison said, break on through to the other side, then you can become a vessel for the creation of beauty.

So what is my destination? To be a vessel into heaven. To unlock something beautiful. Sometimes beauty comes from places you might not expect. I don't care. Come where you must. I jury want to get high from the process because at heart I am a stoner. Although I hate smoking pot I like the idea of getting high. I embrace the vibration.

So here I am, day 66. I'm not there but I'm doing the work. That's where it starts. The work is the bong and the lighter. The work is the acid tab on the toungue. It might not kick on until you engage in the process. More than once and consistantly.