Are you a comedian?

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, I'm not a comedian. I'm an "aspiring" comedian. I've listened to enough comedians podcasts to learn that unless you get paid and have paid your dues you are not a real comedian. Anyways, I got asked tonight by a girl if I was a comedian. She said if not I should be, I told her I was an aspiring comedian and she said no you're a comedian. She said I have the comic timing and the self effacing necessary for good comedy. I'll take it.

A good comedy show can really turn things around for me. I feel decent tonight.

The thing is I know enough to know that I don't know. I know enough to know that I have a lot to learn. The first thing I need are the tools. I've got the delivery machine. I just need the content to deliver. Where does this come from? Answer: me. I write every day and that's a start but I need to start writing smarter. I need to get the comedy toolbox. The joke wrench, a joke hammer, some funny nails, a hilarious drill and some silly screws to put inside my joke box.

I need the joke muscles. Like real muscles the joke muscles don't come easy, they come with working out. If you don't know how to work out then you need a trainer. Then when you learn how to exercise you develop your own personal routine.

I just want to work my joke muscles into shape. I am a comedian when I have 45 minutes of funny material. This is when I can put on that hat. This is when I can go crazy with the promotion side. But now I'm back to basics. Write the jokes. Like a pimp with a strong pimp hand I need a strong joke hand.

I'm gonna be smacking audiences with my joke hand so watch out.