Fuck you! How nice would it be?

Post 200 everybody, and when I say everybody I'm mostly talking to me. I'm doing it. Doing what I don't know but I'm doing something. I'm moving forward, which is better than backwards, unless you're trying to back out of hell. In that case walking backwards is ok. In my case I'm walking forward towards the mountain. I don't know why it's a mountain but it is. I'm walking towards the mountain. At first I was backing away from insanity but now I'm walking towards the mountain.

What mountain am I walking towards you ask? I don't know what fucking mountain you dip shit, I'm just walking towards the mountain. It's the mountain of spirit. When I mount this mountain I get to keep my spirit. And when I say spirit all I'm really saying is I don't have to be a loser.

200 is big. It started with day one and now I'm at 200. I have momentum. Momentum towards what I don't know but it's momentum and I'll take it. It's the ripple that will turn into a tsunami. The tsunami being my eventual ability to pay my rent on time.

Here's to momentum and here's to the rent being paid and here's to saying fuck you to people who you want to say fuck you to but are scared to.

You know who you are; Fuck you.