The meaning of life

I'm not comfortable with dying, I'm more of a stay alive type guy.

During my younger years I spent so much time thinking about the meaning of life. What does it mean. I was a baptist Christian so our church was right and everyone else was going to hell. Gandhi was a nice guy but he was burning. Something about us being the only ones who were doing it right didn't ring true to me. I strayed.

I became lost and nothing made sense. I couldn't find the point to anything. What was the point to life? What was the point to doing anything when we're all going to die anyways? What was the point to organized sports. Sports were just one big joke that I never got.

I wanted an answer. I wanted the truth! Was Jesus the truth? Was it buddah? Or krishna? Or maybe the truth was hidden somewhere in the lesbian culture with their lesbian God, bitchwarrior. I tried it all especially bitchwarrior.

Come to find out that I didn't really want the truth at all, I just wanted to be right just like my church so I could tell people they were wrong. All I've found out is that you'll never know the truth.

Fuck the truth! You are the truth, it's within you. This is where to look, this is where to retreat, this is where you can draw strength.

That's my only truth, that's my only meaning.