Don't dwell

I don't know the quote exactly but it's by Winston Churchill and it goes something like this "Success is going from failure to failure without losing a good attitude." Well I've definitely got the failure to failure part down. I'm nailing that shit! Perfect failures. Perfect.

It's the keeping the positive outlook part that troubles me. I guess you just can't dwell on the failure. That can get you down. There's a difference between dwelling on the mistake and learning from the mistake. A normal healthy dude will say to himself,"Okay, I won't do that again."

And then a not so healthy dude (I know this guy well) will keep thinking about the mistake over and over again like a broken record. "Fuck, I can't believe that happened. Why did I say that? Those people must think I'm an idiot. Oh God I am an idiot. They're right."

So don't dwell. Just learn and move on.