Happy anniversery

Happy ten years anniversary to me and my wife!  Married 10 years, together 14.  She says we can't count the four because we weren't married for those.  I fucked up and wasted those years.  There's couples that have been together for a shorter period but married longer, they're beating us.  I've basically humiliated my wife and permanently damaged the number of years we've been married.  That's kind of bullshit craziness you have to put up with if you want a marriage to work.

Want to know how to keep a marriage together?  Don't leave.

Here's another piece of advice, no matter how much she deserves the blame, don't do it.  "My wife is not my problem" is a good mantra. I am my problem.  She's just there bringing up the fucked upness that resides within.  That's her job, to show you how fucked up you really are.  My job is to somehow work through my own craziness that my wife inevitably brings to the surface.  If I look at my relationship as a tool to work through my own craziness, then I can grow as a human.  If I can grow as a human then my capability to love becomes greater.  If that happens the love which surrounds my wife and I will grow.  If that happens she will get cooler.  If that happens I will get more sex.  If that happens I will be a happy man.

In conclusion: Let your wife bring out your inner demons, fight them, and get laid!